About Me

Snapping fetish history and capturing queer individuals

Pup Snap began as a hobbyist photographer, in the last 8 years however has been working full-time mostly with events and corporate photography. Is now looking to further explore the queer and fetish world with his own creative eye. In particular has been drawn to capturing title events and the way that individuals and relationships express themselves with fetish fashion and activities.

Snap has been the official photographer for Mr Puppy Europe Contest since 2018 and also works closely with the Mr Puppy UK titleholders. Snap himself is Runner-Up in Mr Puppy UK 2019 and 2023, having first sniffing out the puppy play scene in 2010.


"Having been photographed a number of times by Snap, he always gives good direction to get the best possible photographs (even if that means getting into some awkward positions). Quickly turning out excellent high quality images which I am always pleased with. Don't miss a chance to be snapped by Snap."

- Puppai Buumi, Mr Puppy UK 2018 & Mr Puppy Europe 2019

"I've worked with Snap in the run up to and through my title year. I've found him professional and highly competent and has helped me show off the best of my title."

- Buster, Mr Leather UK 2019

"Pup Snap’s photography has proved time and time again to be not only professional but exceptional when it comes to taking stunning photography. I personally have had the pleasure working with Pup Snap both on personal photo shoots as well as business shoots for me and my creative director’s custom puppy hoods and apparel line, Scrap Yard Leather. From being cognizant of utilizing space and lighting to giving ideas and directions during the shoots, I never have to look long before finding so many great shots to choose from. I look forward to working with Pup Snaps again, especially with more of our products and apparel line coming out very soon for Scrap Yard Leather (www.scrapyardleather.com)"

- Pup Kona, IPTC International Puppy 2015/16 & Scrap Yard Leather Team